Social Security Disability

For many, Social Security is the only safety net when disability strikes and they are unable to work.  This program provides cash payments and access to Medicare.

The Social Security Administration will consider your ability to conduct both your recent employment and alternative employment based upon your age.  Importantly, your ability to regularly attend work and engage in competitive employment for 40 hours per week is considered.

Why hire an attorney for Social Security Disability claims?  These claims are complicated, and a denial at any level will result in a long wait for an appeal or hearing.  Getting counsel involved as soon as possible allows us to work with the adjuster, your doctors, and the court, to provide the best possible information.  We have helped claimants with initial filings, appeals, and even filing a new claim after a prior denial.

We take pride in responding to all calls promptly, and working with you and your doctors to obtain the best information possible regarding your claim.

Our office has handled claims in 29 states involving innumerable conditions.  We have several locations to make meeting as easy as possible, and can often schedule in-home meetings for claimants with severe mobility limitations.  You are welcome to contact us to discuss your claim at (610)570-5253 or  As always, there is no obligation for an initial call.

Past conditions include: Multiple Sclerosis, Traumatic Brain Injury, Epilepsy, Back and Neck Injuries, Spinal Fusion, Hip and Knee Replacement, COPD, Circulatory Dysfunction, Liver Failure, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Cancer, Vision Loss, Peripheral Neuropathy, Depression/Anxiety, PTSD, and many more.